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Auditions are a daunting yet necessary evil in the theatre world. Nobody loves auditioning, but they do get easier with practice, and for now here’s a few tips for beginners and seasoned pros alike.

In preparation:
Writing a musical theatre CV
General tips on preparing for an audition
Choosing an audition song (this is the part I find most tricky so here’s another good resource)A whole blog dedicated to audition songs wowAudition songs for sopranosAudition songs for mezzosAudition songs for altosAudition songs for tenorsAudition songs for baritonesAudition songs for bassesOverdone audition songs/showsSheet music for purchaseHow to prepare the music for your audition
Choosing a monologuePreparing your monologueTips for memorising linesOnline memorising tool
The day of your audition:
What to eat, or avoid, before your auditionWhat to wear to your auditionDance warm ups/stretchesVocal warm upsHow to cope with nerves (this too because let’s be real auditions are scary)
General tips for the audition process
Dealing with audition rejection (this too because rejection sucks but you don’t wanna cry in front of the casting director, k?)
Good luck!

Hey guys! This is a great masterpost, check it out!

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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (Harry, Hermione and Ron deleted sceneHD

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he looks so pleased with himself and that makes me happy


he looks so pleased with himself and that makes me happy

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"MLA format is such a butthole."

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I want a Sunday kind of love


I want a Sunday kind of love

favourite movies  + 
» Chicago (2002)
   "Let’s make the parties longer, let’s make the skirts shorter"

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How to make friends 101





1.) Send them anon messages saying ‘expand dong’ for about a week
2.) Ask if they want to know who u are
3.) Tell them anyway
4.) BOOM! Friendship

Thank u to kilimanjunko for teaching me this method
I hope you all make many friend

I’ve got two ‘expand dong’ messages since this

I got one^-^

I like how step three assumes that step two was answered in the negative.

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